09 March 2013

Two new and Two Forgotten....

I was asked to make two sets of graduation announcements for a co-worker of my sister's. She has a college and high school graduation this May! It's going to be busy at her place that month! But this is what I created for her. I went classical elegance for the girl on both options and mascot themed for college. She hasn't approved anything yet so there might be updates posted on here soon!

Emporia State University

Chanute High School

Chanute High School Option #2
 I had completely forgotten that I made some things for my cousins at the end of last year. I was waiting to post them because one of the invitations is for a surprise birthday party and I did't want to be the balloon popper that let the cat out of the bag! Please make sure to comment if you like what your seeing!
Stephanie surprise 24th!
Alec is turning 1!

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