31 March 2011

24 March 2011

Van Goghs Paintings Getting Darker


This is a great article and it also has a video to watch.

22 March 2011

Cashlin's Birthday!

It's time for Cashlin's Birthday! Every year she picks the theme and I work from there! This year she wanted Strawberry shortcake. I created a sweet dessert card with a grown up touch and strawberry shortcake on the back to color for the kids!




21 March 2011

New Work

I've been staying pretty busy! I'm posting some new stuff for all of your guys out there to view. Wedding invitations for Melissa (Thanks to her again)! The colors for her wedding will be pink, black and silver. Her invitations are below!



Thank you:

I have also done some other invitations and wanted to keep you guys in the loop with those as well. (Trying to be a good blog hostess!)

Megan will be getting married in September. I wanted to treat her to something that fit here well as a bride to be and I think these turned out nice.


Direction Card:

We can't forget about Bridal showers! Hera is a recently done sample of some cards done for a shower.


Thank You:

I've also got some great graduation sample for you guys to look at.

I hope everyone enjoys the card samples! While I've been trying to get these done, I've also been working on my fine art and teaching! Staying as busy as possible. I wanted to show you the latest from my series. It's called Breezeway. In the final print it is a 10x20 print. It comes in a limited edition of 10, let me know if your interested! They are for sale!

I also was commissioned to do a piece for an old friend from high school. He really wanted to get a drawing done of his mother-in-law and father-in-law. The final product is below. The drawing turned out really nice once I got bak into the swing of using graphite again for a portrait! It had been awhile, but it's like riding a bike!

I hope that you guys enjoy what your seeing on here. Please feel free to contact me if you are in the market for some artwork!