27 March 2013

Underwater Ink

The newest experiment that my students in photography completed. Water + Food Coloring = Amazing!

13 March 2013

Cows & the Harris Shutter

Today was as per usual a long drug out hump day. As I sat in my office grading with Sara, my work study, we began to get antsy and wanted to go outside and take some photos. She is a total photography junkie and was just introduced to actions on Photoshop. Which I am in love with and at times just love the over edited photos that you can create! haha...

So we set out to find inspiration around the large metropolis of Iola.....and found nothing! Everything is still dead and I wasn't inspired by much. Until Sara said, "why don't we just go by the dairy farm, there might be some cows by the road." And onward through the fog we traveled. As we were looking at the cows we saw the babies and I just wanted to take one home. We asked one of the employees if they would mind if we took some images. Nope they didn't care at all, actually they took us all over the farm and let us help feed the babies!

So what started as grading portfolios and no good scenery turned into an amazing photo shoot! Here are some of the images that I got. I was working towards acquiring images for a Harris Shutter and ended up with so much more.

Here is the information on the Harris Shutter and the images that I composed as examples for my photography students. I think their really fun to create and hope that they get some good ones also.

What is the Harris Shutter:
The Harris shutter is a strip device with three color filters, invented by Robert S. "Bob" Harris of Kodak, for making color photographs with the different primary color layers exposed in separate time intervals in succession.
The term Harris shutter is also applied to the technique or effect. The effect is produced by re-exposing the same frame of film through red, green and blue filters in turn, while keeping the camera steady. This will generate a rainbow of color around any object that moves within the frame. This is created in Photoshop.

Here is what I got! Not to shabby if you ask me!
Harris Shutter #1- This cow is 1 week old!

Harris Shutter #2

Harris Shutter #3

Harris Shutter #4

Harris Shutter #5

10 March 2013

Purchasing Artwork

SOOOOO excited about the prints that I am getting. I saw his artwork in KC last November on 1st Friday in the art district and I was instantly sucked in!


His work is fabulous and I've added his link on here for everyone to check out! His prints are reasonably priced and when you view them in person you won't be let down.

Check it out!

Here are the two prints that I will be getting in the mail really soon!!!!

Desert Flower

Ghost Ranch

09 March 2013

Photography Class

So I currently teach digital photography as a night class and my students have done some really amazing photo shoots over the last few weeks. I wanted to share some of the things that we've been doing so far

What is Bokeh:
In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image. Bokeh occurs for parts of the scene that lie outside the depth of field. Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions. Bokeh is often most visible around small background highlights, such as specular reflections and light sources, which is why it is often associated with such areas. However, bokeh is not limited to highlights; blur occurs in all out-of-focus regions of the image.

Here are some of the images we got!

This one is my favorite!

 I also wanted them to work with this milk idea I saw on instagram. Working with their aperture and shutter speed they were trying to capture the "crown" the drop of milk made when it hits the puddle of milk. We just used food coloring to dye the milk different colors. Although they didn't all catch the crown we got some amazing and interesting photos. I think some of them look like they might be another planet!

Two new and Two Forgotten....

I was asked to make two sets of graduation announcements for a co-worker of my sister's. She has a college and high school graduation this May! It's going to be busy at her place that month! But this is what I created for her. I went classical elegance for the girl on both options and mascot themed for college. She hasn't approved anything yet so there might be updates posted on here soon!

Emporia State University

Chanute High School

Chanute High School Option #2
 I had completely forgotten that I made some things for my cousins at the end of last year. I was waiting to post them because one of the invitations is for a surprise birthday party and I did't want to be the balloon popper that let the cat out of the bag! Please make sure to comment if you like what your seeing!
Stephanie surprise 24th!
Alec is turning 1!

Choo Choo...Someone's having a birthday!

I've been working on a birthday invitation for  a third birthday. This vintage train ticket card is just amazing! I hope the client likes what I've created and I can't wait to hear what you guys think!
Vintage Train Birthday Invitation

08 March 2013

Julie & Chelsi's Wedding Invitations

I just realized that I haven't posted Julies wedding invitation set on here! These turned out amazing and I'm really jealous that they aren't mine! I have also posted Chelsi's wedding invitations. Hot off the printer!
Chelsi Wedding Reception Invitation copyright 2013

Julie Wedding Set copyright 2013

05 March 2013

Weddings, Graduation & Spring oh my!

I've been busy as a bee working on invitations for everyone! I've also been working on new artwork for the series I previously started. I want to share a preview of some graduation invitations that I just made for two different people.
Hunter Graduation 2013
Pittsburg State University Graduation 2013

My sisters wedding is coming....FAST! And her invites and everything turned out amazing!

So far everyone has loved what I put together for her, and I'm so glad! We just had her bridal shower last weekend also and we did a shabby chic theme and it looked amazing. Here are her invites and the view of the table setting we created.

I've also been helping my brother's wife get through her baby shower! Little Dragon will be here soon!
I feel like everyone is getting married or having babies or baby birthdays! It's a good season to be busy designing. It keeps me busy, almost too busy to make artwork along with trying to teach. Here are some other invitations that I've done lately.

Bridal Shower Invitation
Birthday Invitation
Bachlorette Invitation

I also have two other wedding sets I've completed as well as the artwork I would like to share with everyone! I absolutely am in love with this painting of my grandmother. It turned out so good! So with summer and birthdays on the horizon let me know if you need invites asap!

Primary Family: Linda Carol, Graphite & Gouache on Arches 2013