30 April 2009

So on and So Forth...

My undergraduate exhibition is now hanging in Porter Hall Student Gallery (second floor) of Pittsburg State University.  We are a group of six girls varying in mediums from painting, digital illustration, photography, and art education.  It's an awesome show, the reception will be held tomorrow night, May 1st, from 5-8 in Porter Hall.  Food and drinks will be provided and it is open to the public! I am displaying some of my new work that incorporates my flowers with the portraits.  Here is a sneak peak for what is to come. The piece to the right is Alysha, Oil on Canvas, 2009 Copyright Tera Reed 2009. 

I hope everyone can make it to the show.

09 April 2009

Spring Art Walk

Next Friday (April 17th) is the annual Pittsburg Spring Artwalk, I hope that everyone can make it. It's going to be starting around 5 running down the business area of Broadway and there will be people going around viewing the artwork until 7ish, then there will be a band and goodies at Immigrant Park. Come One Come All, it's open to the public and it's a great time. My artwork will be in the window of Sweet Designs right by 4th and Broadway, I'm showing some of my new digital work. I hope everyone enjoys it.

05 April 2009

It's been awhile

I just attended the SPE conference for the year in Dallas, TX, you can google it if you're curious, and took a great photo of my friend Sarah. We were in the Dallas Art Museum and decided to make a little art ourselves! You can take a look at her blog, just clock the link to the left for Beautiful Isolation Photography! She takes amazing photographs, she took the one of Jason and me that is my icon!

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've been online with you guys, school has been insane lately. I was accepted into the Masters program at Pitt for next year, and I'm totally stoked about that and I've been trying to get some artwork done for my senior show that is in May. Hope everyone can make it, the reception is May 1st second floor of Porter Hall at Pittsburg State University, from 5-8 p.m. Open to everyone who wants to see the artwork of six amazing women. I also just completed a painting of three of my closest friends, I'll give you guys a look see and you tell me if you like it.
  "Rocket, Candi, and Heath" 2009, Copyright Oil on Canvas     Tera Reed

They have no idea that I painted it and it will be hanging in the show as well as eleven other pieces. I'll have more images to show you guys within the next two weeks, I've been working on some more digital images and just created some Thank You cards that I'm hoping will be a seller!