22 May 2010

Summer Oh Summer!

Well all it has finally gotten hot! Today is was beautiful and I will be swimming tomorrow! Taking the day off from artwork. I've recently been asked to paint a portrait and have high hopes of more artwork being posted on here soon. Keep checking in!

13 May 2010

Graduation is Upon US!

The week has been long and finally, finally it is Friday tomorrow!!! Graduation is Saturday morning at 10 am for all of you who want to attend, but really would just love to enjoy the after party! It's going to be absolutely fabulous and I can't wait!

I will also be posting new artwork on here soon. I have recent work that isn't online yet, but I am also working on some new pieces that I hope to get on here within the next couple of weeks. Please let me know what you think!

07 May 2010

New Artwork!

I decided to add some new artwork on here as well!! You guys deserve it! Below are a few of the new pieces from my recent series! Please my comments and let me know what you think!

"King Rail", Dye-Sublimation Print, 2010

"Flying Machine". Dye-Sublimation Print, 2010

"When We Were Giants", Dye-Sublimation Print, 2010

"Night Light", Dye-Sublimation Print, 2010

All images are copyrighted, do not take images from the site unless authorized. Copyright Tera Reed 2010

I'm a bad blogger....

In the great words of my friend Sarah Crawmer "I'm a bad blogger!" I don't necessarily believe that it isn't always on my mind to post on here, but finding the time to do it becomes the issue! So to get everyone up to date the Gallery talk I previously wrote about went great, it was a small audience with lots of questions. On the Friday April 23rd Deann and I had our reception for Environments. There was an amazing turn out, plus the undergraduates were having their reception at the same time upstairs so we had quite a few people going through our gallery space to view both shows. Many thanks to those who were able to attend, it meant a lot!

On to further news the show will be coming down Monday May 10th, :(, but my artwork will be moving on to new venues! I have a few shows lined up for the summer and the Bird Tie is making it's way to the Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University in Topeka. I am also featuring a few pieces at Merlot and Mozart here in Pittsburg on June 11th as well as a show at Club 609 in Joplin, MO, in August. I will let you guys know more as each event is closer. I am promising to be a better blogger from here on out!

Last weekend I attended the reception for the Kansas Collegiate Aesthetics 2010 show where Coalesce is hanging. The work looked fantastic. They had quite a few entries for both the graduate and undergraduate levels. There were a total of 37 graduate students who entered and 8 awards were given. I received a Merit award for my piece, and felt totally satisfied with this! The girl who won best of show had amazing jewelry work, and she really deserved the award. After the reception dad and I visited Heath in Wichita, it had been a long time coming, so I was super excited to see her!

For all of you who are curious I will be graduating (applause)! It has been an amazing journey, but it is time to get a job! And I will be teaching here at Pittsburg State in the fall! So for anyone who is interested in artwork I won't be too far!