18 November 2012

Christmas is in the air!

So yet again I've been a bad blogger, but I've been extremely busy with everything and I'm here now! So the holidays are here! I love it when we decorate the tree and start drinking tons of cocoa. It is so nice to snuggle up with the puppies and watch some T.V. on the weekends. But I haven't been able to do near as much of that as I would like. My wedding invitations are building up and I've also been working on Christmas cards for everyone.

Here is my amazing cousin's little family and, hopefully, the card that she chooses to use for this year.

The wedding that I'm doing are catching up with me as well. Every bride wants everything perfect and I hate to disappoint. So I'm constantly making sure that they are getting exactly what they want. My sister is getting married and I can show you some sneak peaks of the invitations that she might lean towards! She still has to choose which background color she prefers, but I think their really her style.

On other notes I've been crafting for the holidays as well. I always do! Although I've only made a few things so far I thought I would share with you.

So I hope this info keeps you all mesmerized! haha I will be adding more of the weddings that I'm doing onto here soon. I like to make sure the brides had final proofs before I upload anything!

30 September 2012

Weddings are in the Air

I've been working on a wedding set for a friend all summer and now that most of the details have gotten "locked down" I'm glad to post these save-the dates I just created for her. I was so excited that I haven't even gotten the go head for them but wanted to share with you all! Also I have been working diligently on a new series of paintings and will soon have an exhibit at The Stone House Gallery, Fredonia, KS that starts November 5, 2012!

Stick around to see some sneak peeks of the work and more on Julie's wedding! I will also soon be posting tons of things I will be creating for my sisters wedding that is in May (2013)!! Lots and lots to stay busy with!

14 September 2012

13 September 2012

Up and Coming

I've been really working on staying active on this blog! Keeping everyone updated as much as possible while everything else is going on can be hard, but I hope that everyone who does look on here has liked what they've recently seen!

I've been working on some new invitations and thought I would give you guys some previews:

Kynlee is turning 2! Luau themed birthday party for this little girl!

Ashely is getting married! I created a very contemporary double sided program for the big event! Lots of font's and a little bit of color.

17 August 2012

Amazing Inspiration

As I'm getting my students underway I have been parousing my artwork and found this one.

Yes it has been posted on here previously, but I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately and I created this piece for one of the most amazing woman I have had the great pleasure of working under Marjorie Schick. If you are not familiar with her work you should definitely look into her. She transformed the art of jewelry itself!

Here are a few images of her work.

15 August 2012

Kelsey's Turning 6!

Jason's niece is turning 6 soon and she had to have Brave invitations! Hope that they are a hit!

02 August 2012

Baby Shower....Woodland Creatures theme

Ive been working on a Woodland Creature themed baby shower invitation and so far this is what I've got! So far nothing has been chosen but I'm partial to sample #1.

30 July 2012

Bridal Shower!

Here are some new samples that I made for a bridal shower that is coming up! Hope you guys enjoy. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in any kind of artwork or invitations.

25 July 2012

Journal in the works!

Busy week already! Swapping IMac's in my office, fortunately it's an upgrade swap!, working on some bridal shower invitations, and starting to layout the fall courses. I have been investigating the problem I have with getting my students to work in the sketchbooks. So far I've looked into these different creative writing journals. I think they're so inventive and I'm hoping, fingers crossed, that I can get the students inspired by creating a similar "journal".

23 July 2012


I just stumbled upon this amazing artwork. It's actually 2 artists that have merged together to create their name.

Last month I had a healthy debate with a friend who has decided to pull away from the internet to aid his creative mind. I wholeheartedly disagree with this approach. It’s a gift of the times that we live that we’re able to not only inspire and be inspired, but easily collaborate.
Hera and Akut (better known as Herakut) exemplify this synergism for me. While I have no idea what they accomplish individually, I think that what they create together is difficult to beat.


19 July 2012


A sneak preview of some of the new pieces. I'm leaning towards a new series with similar works. Hope you like!

Dad, 16x20, Mixed Media


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18 July 2012

DIY Yard

I'm the ultimate person to ask "How can this be made or created!" And I wanted to show you guys the amazing work that we did to our yard this year. I really really wanted to find ways to save and make things on my own. While spending what we saved on an over priced patio furniture set I used the money on plants and my amazing glider! It's my pride and joy. I had to knock on at least 40 different doors all over Neosho and Allen County to find a person who was actually willing to part with it. But in the end I found one that I love and here it is! It's vintage and still has all the original pieces on it! LOVE IT! Plus if you look online they can run anywhere from $500-$1500 and I spent $100!

We had also just planted new grass seed all over the lawn and I really wanted a garden. So instead of tilling and ruining the beautiful yard I decided to go Pallet Garden. I looked on serveral different websites and Pinterest to figure out what would be the best way to go about this. To my amazement I did learn a few essential things. You shouldn't just use any old pallet that you find, as many of them haul chemically treated items.

There are two kinds to look for:
1) CT=Chemically Treated
2) HT=Heat Treated

You want to locate pallets that have been Heat Treated and won't harm the plants that your going to grow veggies from. The stamp looks like this:

I called Arnolds Green House, Leroy KS, and asked if they has pallets they weren't using and they gave them to me for free. I also thought really deeply into the idea of there not being enough room with only one pallet and I thought about creating a sort of "garden bed" with the pallets. So I set up my structure in our outside dog pen, saving the grass, and went to town.

1) I placed 6 bricks along the ground to raise the pallets up off the ground to keep things from turning moldy in the future from water and moisture.
2) I placed 2 full pallets, stacked one right on top of the other, on top of the bricks to create a footing for my garden pallet structure.
3) I then took 3 large pallets, all the same size, and began to tear off the middle planks that run horizontally across the pallet, leaving the end pieces for a shoulder. With all 3 missing the middles I stacked them one right on top of the other and they formed the "bed" I was looking for!
4) I used bracket hooks from Wal-Mart to hook all 3 pallets together.
5) Once everything was stacked and in the location I wanted I bought some inexpensive landscaping fabric and lined to "beds" on each side of the pallet using a staple gun and scissors.

I placed the structure in the corner and planted the cucumbers on the side that they would grow onto the dog pen and vine up. Giving ample space for all my veggies!

Then it was time to add soil. I ended up using 7 bags of Organic Miracle Grow garden soil and I bought an inexpensive bag of mulch to put over the top once the plants were in the dirt.

Then plant your veggies! The garden hold water well and even in this HOT Kansas heat I'm only having to water every 2-3 days. You don't want to over water, it's easy to do, and bad for the plants! When the plants start to droop and look thirsty then it's time to water. I also have a good spot of shade, the pallet isn't right out in the open as most gardens are and they won't burn up as easy in the hot weather.

All in all I've had amazing results with this! Also make sure not to plant your hot peppers by your bell peppers. I put the bells in the pallet and the jalapenos in planters on the ground. You don't want them to cross pollinate in the air and have hot bells and yucky jalapenos!

Here are a few other things we did to the yard.

 I bought a set of patio furniture at auction for 40 bucks. It was old and dated....

and I fixed the nuts and bolts (mostly tightening) and sanded it down. Added a fresh coat of paint and wallah! Olive green cushions and Black Fox paint!

It's fabulous! Once I got the glider I moved the couch into another location. The pallet table was a simple DIY from pinterest and I have gotten soooo many compliments on it. Here is the link for it and it was super easy. I ended up buying the ebony black stain and with one coat I got this amazing rustic finish.


The girls agree that it's fantastic!
I found these chairs in an alley.. FREE

With a scrub brush to clean them, some sand paper to get rid of the chipped paint, and some black spray paint they turned into this!

I added the same green cushions that I used on the rest of the furniture and they look amazing!

So all in all I hope you guys enjoy my yard. You don't have to spend a lot to make a big impact!

Long time coming!

It's been determined that I am the worst blogger alive. SOOOO my new mission, more blogging! I'm going to try and stay on this thing! So in the year that it's been I've been teaching fine arts at Allen Community College, which is amazing. Love my job and the close friends that I've made. It's been great teaching the students the amazing things that I was taught in school and seeing their "light bulbs" go off! I've also been working on quite a bit of my own personal work which I'm trying not to let it take the back burner while I'm teaching. The faculty at Pittsburgh told me it could happen, and I see now how it can.
So here are a couple of fine art pieces that I did during the semester.

Shelli & Lexi, Graphite on Arches, 16x20

 Skunkbaby, Oil on Canvas, 16x20

I have been really delving into the commercial side of my work. The invitation business is ever growing and I really love creating things for clients. So here are a few things that I've done for people, including my Christmas card from this year.(I promise to put this years card on during the actual Holidays!)

Marshall Graduation Invitation #1
Marshall Graduation Invitation #2
Marshall Graduation Invitation #3
Marshall Graduation Invitation #4
Marshall Graduation Thank You

Marshall is a very dear friend and he graduated from Friends Universtiy with a Zoo Science degree, so the invites were very much individual to him. And the animals that I used were photographs that he had taken from the Sedgwick County Zoo.

Amy Graduation Invitation - Go PITTSTATE!
I don't know about you guys, but I love the carnival theme for a little kids birthday and these ticket invitations were so fun to create!
A double birthday for sisters with a very close birthday!

 If anyone has every had a friend they've thrown a baby shower for you know how tied up in the event you can become. Well my dearest friend jsut had her first baby girl and I along with another friend held her shower for her and I only wanted to make it the best of the best! It turned out amazing and here are some of the sample invitations that I made for her to choose from:

#3 (The invitation she chose to go with)
I also created some invitations for a 2 years old birthday, and she (along with every other child in America!) is in love with the Bubble Guppie guys! So her invitations turned out really well and her mom loved them!

  I have been staying very busy and I promise promise to blog more, at least once per week from here on out! Keep checking to see what I've been creating from here on out!