18 July 2012

Long time coming!

It's been determined that I am the worst blogger alive. SOOOO my new mission, more blogging! I'm going to try and stay on this thing! So in the year that it's been I've been teaching fine arts at Allen Community College, which is amazing. Love my job and the close friends that I've made. It's been great teaching the students the amazing things that I was taught in school and seeing their "light bulbs" go off! I've also been working on quite a bit of my own personal work which I'm trying not to let it take the back burner while I'm teaching. The faculty at Pittsburgh told me it could happen, and I see now how it can.
So here are a couple of fine art pieces that I did during the semester.

Shelli & Lexi, Graphite on Arches, 16x20

 Skunkbaby, Oil on Canvas, 16x20

I have been really delving into the commercial side of my work. The invitation business is ever growing and I really love creating things for clients. So here are a few things that I've done for people, including my Christmas card from this year.(I promise to put this years card on during the actual Holidays!)

Marshall Graduation Invitation #1
Marshall Graduation Invitation #2
Marshall Graduation Invitation #3
Marshall Graduation Invitation #4
Marshall Graduation Thank You

Marshall is a very dear friend and he graduated from Friends Universtiy with a Zoo Science degree, so the invites were very much individual to him. And the animals that I used were photographs that he had taken from the Sedgwick County Zoo.

Amy Graduation Invitation - Go PITTSTATE!
I don't know about you guys, but I love the carnival theme for a little kids birthday and these ticket invitations were so fun to create!
A double birthday for sisters with a very close birthday!

 If anyone has every had a friend they've thrown a baby shower for you know how tied up in the event you can become. Well my dearest friend jsut had her first baby girl and I along with another friend held her shower for her and I only wanted to make it the best of the best! It turned out amazing and here are some of the sample invitations that I made for her to choose from:

#3 (The invitation she chose to go with)
I also created some invitations for a 2 years old birthday, and she (along with every other child in America!) is in love with the Bubble Guppie guys! So her invitations turned out really well and her mom loved them!

  I have been staying very busy and I promise promise to blog more, at least once per week from here on out! Keep checking to see what I've been creating from here on out!

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