31 March 2014

It's been awhile! I'm a bad blogger!

Here's some new designs. I've been working on artwork and haven't been able to get this updated for quite some time. Enjoy!

23 September 2013

It's invitation and artwork season!

Hello all! It's that time of year again....Invitation season! Everyone wants to get some kind of invitation, which is a ok with me! I am also busy working on paintings for an up and coming solo exhibit at The Stone House Gallery in Fredonia, KS. I will keep you guys updated on that.
Here are the newest invitations:

Ashton & Brandon's Wedding Package

Surprise Birthday
Curtis is 25

Dillyn 1st Birthday!

Megan's Bridal Shower
Wedding Poster - original 20x18

Mariah's 20th!
Kiley  Tyler Wedding Program

01 August 2013

Staying Busy

I'm working on new artwork and in the meantime we mini-vacationed to Branson! (bwahahaha and it was beyond crazy traffic, needless to say we will choose a less stressful destination next time!) And I just finished some baby shower invitations for a friend of mine!

24 July 2013

A new series...

I've been working on creating a series of portraits based off of family photos that I have put together. Working with colors and trying to incorporate a little bit of symbolism into the work at times. The portraits will vary and will all be family members. Hopefully the series comes together well. I'm also mixing mediums (gouache & graphite on Arches) to see what happens.

Here is the newest one I've done. I also previously posted the image of my dad and grandmother let me know what you guys think!

Mom, Gouache & Graphite on Arches, 2013

20 July 2013

The Hustle & Bustle

I'm in the process of creating a bunch of new artwork for a show in November. I had to take a few days to create a piece for my amazing sister though. Little Osh is an amazing addition to the family and I couldn't be happier for her and her hubby.

So I hope she likes this piece when she gets it today, as well as all you out there! I've also posted a few invitations and things that I've created this summer for some people. Enjoy~

Shelli & Liam, Graphite on Arches, 2013 - Copyright Tera Reed Painting and Design 2013



25 June 2013

A Double Duo

So I've now become obsessed with my nephews! I put their birth announcements together for everyone to see the joys that we have in the family now! I'm also currently working on new artwork for a show that I will be having in November! I'll be keeping you posted on it!

24 June 2013

Liam Glynn Sheerer

We have a new addition to the family! My sister and the hubby have brought a little gentleman into the world, and early at that. Liam was early, 4 weeks, but is healthy and doing good! I just finished his birth announcements! Hope you guys enjoy!

09 May 2013

More Babies!

My sisters having a little boy! They currently aren't sharing their name that they've chosen so I've taken to calling him Osh. She is due in July and we're having a baby shower for her soon! Here are the invites that I created for the big day! I'm in love with these. We used a grey #10 open end envelope and I printed the address' onto them with orange ink. They are amaze!

22 April 2013

Photography Exhibit


As most of you know it is that time of year again....GRADUATION! Oh yes and I have a ton of students who are in the process of creating their graduation announcements right now. I have also been working on a few things of my own! A graduation party invitation,

I also just finished some post cards for a friends exhibit. She is graduating as well. Her invitations can be seen on an older post. Her work is amazing and she told me she is working on a website so I will keep you all posted as I hear more!