19 September 2011

Alot has changed!

I am truly the worst blogger alive! I always forget to get on here and update everyone with what is going on. But now that I have your full attention I'll share my new news with you guys! We moved this summer and I LOVE our new house! The girls are enjoying the luxury of living with a fence just as much as me! haha

I've been working on some new pieces but am not ready to share with the word quite yet! However I have been creating some new cards for the public that are posted below! Take and look and let me know what you guys think. Some wedding invitations, birthday, and bridal shower as well. I like to think a little bit of everything! Oh and don't forget that it's almost Christmas! Well at least it's time to start thinking about your Christmas cards anyway! Let me know if anyone is interested.

I hope that you guys like whats going on with the invitations. I'm affordable and have grown quite fond of making these great commercial works for people. Please let me know if you are interested.

Have a GREAT day!!!