24 June 2010

Wild Life and Creative Quarterly 20

Okay guys I have finally been accepted into the Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design!!!! I'm so excited for this! The image Flying Machine was selected and will be shown in Issue 20 out in August!!! I want to thank everyone for the support that I have received over the years and thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way!!! I also have a show online through Projekt30 out of New York called Wild Life. Anyone can go to this link:


and look at the work! I can't believe the amazing things that are happening right now with my artwork but I appreciate everyone who keeps pushing me along the way!! My artwork just also sold in the auction done by the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in their 6x6x2010 show. The artwork for this show can be seen online at:

On this page you can enter the art by number and mine art found at number 683 and 684. All proceeds from the auction were used to help the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.

Creative Quarterly Entry:

Rochester Contemporary Art Center Entries:
Bird Tie

King Rail

All images Copyright Tera K. Reed 2010.

01 June 2010

Projekt 30

Please everyone go to my page at projekt 30 to view my new work. www.terareed.30art.com you will be able to view my recent work, resume, bio, and a link to this page (my blog)!!! Hope you all check it out. There is work posted on it that hasn't yet been uploaded onto here. Enjoy!!