13 March 2013

Cows & the Harris Shutter

Today was as per usual a long drug out hump day. As I sat in my office grading with Sara, my work study, we began to get antsy and wanted to go outside and take some photos. She is a total photography junkie and was just introduced to actions on Photoshop. Which I am in love with and at times just love the over edited photos that you can create! haha...

So we set out to find inspiration around the large metropolis of Iola.....and found nothing! Everything is still dead and I wasn't inspired by much. Until Sara said, "why don't we just go by the dairy farm, there might be some cows by the road." And onward through the fog we traveled. As we were looking at the cows we saw the babies and I just wanted to take one home. We asked one of the employees if they would mind if we took some images. Nope they didn't care at all, actually they took us all over the farm and let us help feed the babies!

So what started as grading portfolios and no good scenery turned into an amazing photo shoot! Here are some of the images that I got. I was working towards acquiring images for a Harris Shutter and ended up with so much more.

Here is the information on the Harris Shutter and the images that I composed as examples for my photography students. I think their really fun to create and hope that they get some good ones also.

What is the Harris Shutter:
The Harris shutter is a strip device with three color filters, invented by Robert S. "Bob" Harris of Kodak, for making color photographs with the different primary color layers exposed in separate time intervals in succession.
The term Harris shutter is also applied to the technique or effect. The effect is produced by re-exposing the same frame of film through red, green and blue filters in turn, while keeping the camera steady. This will generate a rainbow of color around any object that moves within the frame. This is created in Photoshop.

Here is what I got! Not to shabby if you ask me!
Harris Shutter #1- This cow is 1 week old!

Harris Shutter #2

Harris Shutter #3

Harris Shutter #4

Harris Shutter #5


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